USI Dipping Belt

  • Fit perfectly around the waist
  • Leather construction
  • 30 inch chain to loop in weight plates
  • Used for doing pull ups and bar dips
  • Strong, lightweight and compact


Product details-

Brand USI- Universal Sports Industries
Color Black
Material Composition Stainless steel and Foam core
Number-of-Items 1
Features 30 inches heavy duty steel chain
Usage Exercise and Fitness, Bodybuilding

USI or Universal sports industries is one of the famous gym equipment brands. This dipping belt enhances your workouts and weightlifting potential by ensuring proper technique, and building strength. It is one of the most comfortable, durable, and versatile dipping belts. It is used in pull ups and bar dips exercise. If you are able to do pull ups and bar dips easily with proper technique for many reps, then you should challenge your body by using this belt and attaching weights to it. It will result in the muscle building and increasing overall fitness of a person. Chest and back muscles will grow if you use this in your workout. The 30-inch steel chain allows the weight to be easily added for chin-ups and bar-dips. It provides comfort padding, good leather construction which conforms to your body form for maximum comfort during a workout without dipping into your skin and causing irritations.


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