The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer

Illustrated with the most motivational photographs ever taken of Mentzer (in the gym, posing, and at work) as well as a gallery of his greatest inspirational physique shots, The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer is THE definitive book on the exacting science of building muscle– fast.


I have been a big Mike Mentzer fan. I won’t say that his training principles were correct or not, that’s a different debate. But what I loved about Mentzer was his love for extensive reading, philosophy, educating self and others, and his love for the sport. Reading about Mike, takes you into another world. How he linked art & science of bodybuilding with philosophy. Something well evident in his amazing artistic posing routines. He was a true master of his craft who loved the sport from all angles and literally breathed and lived it. For him bodybuilding was not a way of life, it was life. His passion was beyond words for his sport. More than any other bodybuilding writer or authority, Mike Mentzer single-handedly changed the way bodybuilders the world over have looked at exercise.


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