Steviocal Pallets

  • 100 white pellets
  • Zero Calorie Sweetner
  • No side effects
  • Best substitute of artificial sweetners
  • 1 tablet for 1 cup of tea
  • Use in your tea, coffee



Steviocal stevia contains 100 stevia tablets. 1 tablet is enough for 1 cup of tea or coffee or as required by the person. Contains zero calories and free of sugar. Calorie free sweeteners are always in rage. People are looking for quick solutions for their health and fitness. So try stevia by replacing your refined and artificial sweetner with it. Is stevia safe? Stevia is safe for everyone whether a child, pregnant women, older age groups, athletes, teenagers middle aged person. It has no side effects. Best substitute of artificial sweeteners. Better choice for health conscious people. Helps is doing weight loss. Replace your daily sugar intake with stevia if you are sugar addicted. It will definitely help in improving your health and weight loss. You can mix after your tea or coffee is ready or directly while making the tea/coffee.

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