Hykes Lifting Straps

  • Weightlifting straps
  • Comes in pair
  • Fit for all and adjustable according to person
  • Long term stability
  • Perfect for deadlift, shrugs, bendover rows, upright rows
  • 40 cm long strap


Product details-

Brand Kobo
Color Black
Number-of-Pieces 2
Skill-Level Intermediate and Advanced
Features Easy to Use, support the wrist while weight lifting
Usage Gym

Hykes weightlifting straps helps in increasing your lifting strength. If you are stuck with your lifting strength and can’t improve your rep range by lifting heavy weights because of the failure of the grip, then you should try lifting heavy weights using these wrist straps. Using these lifting straps attached to a bar will instantly push you to do more reps without any failure of grip, especially during heavy pulling movements such as deadlifts, shrugs, bent over rows, upright rows. With the increase in strength, the result will be muscle building and fat loss. These wrist straps for gym are perfect for those who love to lift heavy. They give maximum cushioning during lifting so it doesn’t cause any strain in wrists. Strap length is 40cm and non slippery rubber grip provides friction for holding the bar. Chances of injury will automatically reduce with good gripping. Use the straps with proper movement of the exercise for maximum benefit.


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