Harbinger Thick Bar Grips

  • Convert any barbells, pulldown ropes and kettlebells to thick grip for better training
  • Activates more muscles when lifting
  • Builds upper body strength and muscle mass
  • Prevent imbalances and injuries
  • Used in conventional weight training
  • Easy to clean and transport
  • Strengthen the forearms
  • Improves gripping strength



Product details-

Brand Harbinger
Color Red
Material type Rubber
Included Components Big Grip
Number-of-Items 2
Sport Health and fitness
Size One Size

Harbinger’s thick bar gym grips will help you train your muscular strength in a way that will improve functional grip strength needed according to their sports. You can convert normal barbells, pull-up bars & cable attachments into thick bars. Thick bars stimulate much more muscle fibers in the hands, forearms, upper arms and upper body leading to bigger gains and muscle size. In India thick grip training concept is used since from long time. Indian wrestlers train with the help of mudgar in the akharas. In the current time also many wrestlers, mountain climbers, golf players and many sportsmen knows the benefit of the grip strength. Harbinger thick grips attached to the bar like a clamp and doesn’t compress. Exercises that we can we perform using these gym handle grip are pulling movements such as conventional deadlift, stiff leg deadlift, shrugs, barbell bent over rows, lat pulldown, pull ups.

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