Generic BFR bands

  • Blood Flow Restriction bands
  • Arms and legs bands pair
  • Ideal for Men & Women
  • Increases muscle growth
  • Comfortable straps



Product details-

Brand Generic
Color Blue
Material type Other
Band Type Medium Elasticity
Size Standard
Works Best for Intermediate/Advanced
Buckle Type/Material Black Cam Buckle/Plastic
Pressure provided Moderate/High

BFR bands stands for Blood Flow Restriction bands. They are also called Kaatsu or occlusion bands. Blood flow restriction training is proven in building hypertrophy and strength in people of all ages. These are designed to provide restriction of blood flow through the working limb. They are used to targeting arms and legs muscles. These blood flow restriction bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles to pre-fatigue the muscles. Fresh blood carries more oxygen and nutrients which means better recovery of the muscle. But in this, the opposite is true, i.e. instead of increasing blood flow, reduced blood flow to a muscle have the anabolism effect. These bands are easy to strap up, easy to release in between sets or exercises, and very comfortable. Pressure can be adjusted according to your body type. It contains two bands both for arms and legs. They are used in your conventional workout or weight training workouts. Both men and women can use them. Intensity should be low to moderate while doing the workout using the bands.

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