Beast Pump BFR bands

  • Beast Pump muscle training bands
  • Occlusion elastic straps
  • Reduction of blood flow and quick release cam buckle
  • Comes in 4 Pack



Product details-

Brand Beast Pump
Length 15 Centimeters
Width 2 Centimeters
Height 12 Centimeters
Weight 140 Grams
Works Best For Intermediate/Advanced
Buckle Type/Material Black Cam Buckle/Plastic
Pressure Provided Moderate/High
Color Green and black

Beast pump is the manufacturer of this BFR band. They are also known as kaatsu or occlusion bands. Kaatsu/ Occlusion/ blood flow restriction training is developed as a Japanese concept and is one of the few proven concepts in building hypertrophy and strength in people of all ages, with much lesser intensity i.e. 20-50% of one rep max needed than the conventional resistance/ strength training workouts. It is also tested in astronauts. They are designed to provide restriction of blood flow through the working limb. They are used to targeting hypertrophy in arms and legs muscles. These blood flow restriction bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles to pre-fatigue the muscles. Fresh blood carries more oxygen and nutrients which means better recovery of the muscle. But in this, the opposite is true, i.e. instead of increasing blood flow, blood flow reduces in a muscle that causes anabolic effect. The pack consists of two bands both for arms and legs. They are easy to use and comfortable. Pressure of the bands is adjustable according to the body type.

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