Aurion Weightlifting Belt

  • 4″ width full support
  • Available in different sizes- small, medium, large and different colours
  • Supports lumbar spine during heavy lifting
  • Helps in increasing intra abdominal pressure during heavy lifts
  • Soft and flexible belt
  • Leather belt
  • Never stretch and tear



Product details-

Weight 249 Grams
Usage Powerlifting,Weightlifting, Gym routine
Sport Powerlifting,Weightlifting
Number-of-Items 1
Features Durable, double stitched, leather, 4 inches extra wide

Aurion weighlifting belt has rounded edges which are comfortable and skin friendly.It is a genuine leather belt. No fake leather, plastic, velcro. Supports the core to reduce stress on the spine during heavy workouts. 4” width is ideal for men & women to tighten the core during heavy compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, rack pulls. Increases intra abdominal pressure and protects the lumbar spine specially L4, L5 regions from bending and breaking. This gym belt for back support protects the spine from injury during heavy lifts. Adjustable size according to an individual. Padded gym belts gives comfort to the back. Each lifting belt has a metal buckle and 2 loops to secure the belt. Belt will not get loosened. Ideal for men and women, athletes, normal gym goers. Perfect for olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gym workouts, bodybuilding. Double stitching and good craftsmanship ensures good quality product.

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